Saturday, April 01, 2006


Top Fat Athletes Ranking by Sport


  1. Shaq: greatest Fat Center of all time
  2. Charles Barkley- Fat and short at 6'6 Chuckster is an All-Time NBA Great
  3. Big Baby Glen Davis- LSU college basketball star
  4. Oliver "Pig" Miller: Anytime someone that fat can play in the NBA it is impressive


  1. Jerome Bettis RB Steelers: NFL's 3rd all time leading rusher
  2. Ron Dayne RB Wisconsin: Heisman Trophy Winner
  3. Jorvorski Lane RB Texas A&M- rising star 19 TD's in sophomore year
  4. Jared Lorenzen QB Kentucky- Greatest Fat QB of all Time
  5. Sebastian Janikowski K Raiders- b/c Fat Drunk and Stupid is a great way to go through life


  1. Babe Ruth: Greatest Fat Man of all time.
  2. Kirby Puckett: World Series MVP- ate himself to death
  3. John Kruk: Ultimate Fat Guy- dip and a mullet
  4. David Wells: Fat guy throws a Perfect Game while hungover
  5. Cecil Fielder 1b Detroit Tigers:- 50 Hr's when it was unheard of
  6. Ron Cey "The Penguin":- the guy literally waddled

  1. John Daly: British Open Champion, PGA Championship winner
  2. Rich Beem: PGA Championship winner- best championship dance ever

  1. George Foreman- the old fat Foreman boxed in his mid 40's beating Evander Holyfield
  2. James Buster Douglas- In the best shape of his life his man tits where still flopping while beating the unbeatable in Mike Tyson. Exploded

  1. Diego Maradona: short and fat but absolute dynamite on the pitch

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